Welcome to The Beaches Lodge. We would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our site. The purpose of this website is to communicate with our members as well as with any other interested or visiting Masons.  If you are interested in Freemasonry, this site will help you to find some answers.

The Beaches Lodge meets on the 1st Thursday of every month except July and August. The Lodge will typically open its doors at 7:30 PM and host visitors after. Our Official Visit is in March and the Installation is in May. We invite all traveling Brethren to visit our Lodge, which meets in The York Temple in Toronto.

About Us

Making good men better

Courtesy of our friends downunder who produced this short video, we thought you might also appreciate the sentiments contained within its messages as to why men have been happily attending lodge meetings for over 300 years.

About Us


Simply, arithmatic is the art of numbering and utilizing the properties of numbers to help us define quantity. To understand all the works of creation rightly, we need to know their number, weight, and measure; and based on our calculations of each the more capable we shall be of considering such things as the ordinary, and eventually to a more comprehensive knowledge of their impact.


According to sacred texts, grammar is the key that opens the door to speech and, with its understanding, reveals the true art of language, unfolding its various constituent parts and thereby unraveling the thread by which speech is composed. Today, without a knowledge of grammar, one of our esteemed seven liberal arts, it is very difficult to speak with propriety, precision and purity.


It is by rhetoric – debating and arguing –  that the art of speaking eloquently is acquired. To be an eloquent speaker, in the proper sense of the word, is far from being either a common or an easy attainment; while it must be practiced, it is the art of being persuasive and commanding, though not only pleasing the fancy, but of speaking both to the understanding and to the heart.


This ancient and noble science enables us to form clear and distinct ideas, while serving as a proper foundation for our inquiries (particularly in the pursuit of those sublime principles, which direct our attention as Masons) and preventing us from being misled by their similitude or resemblance, and is certainly most worthy of our further contemplation in the attainment of truth and knowledge.


We are each defined by the musics we prefer. In fact, music is that elevated science which affects the passions by sound. There are few among us who have not felt its charms, yet acknowledged its expression and delightful sensations to be intelligible only to the heart. Music is truly congenial to the nature of man; for by its powerful charms the most discordant passions are harmonized and brought into perfect unison.


To the heavens and beyond. Astronomy is that sublime science which inspires the contemplative mind to soar aloft, and see the wisdom, strength and beauty of our world. Assisted by astronomy, we ascertain the laws which govern the heavenly bodies, and by which their motions are directed; investigate the power by which they circulate, discover their size, determine their distance, explain their various phenomena, and correct the fallacy of the senses by the light of truth.


Geometry is the foundation of architecture, and the root of the mathematics.  The astronomer is thus enabled to make his observations and to fix the duration of times and seasons, years and cycles. The study of geometry, in a moral and comprehensive view, fills the mind with rapture. To the geometrician, the regions of matter with which he is surrounded afford ample scope for his admiration, and opening a unique path for his inquiry and disquisition.