Our Lodge History

Making good men better for over 100 years

Two links below. Two paths. Originally published in 2005 on the occasion of our lodge’s 100th anniversary, under Ancients, this document still serves to honour the many achievements and accomplishments of our distinguished brethren, while Moderns will take you to a recent Timeline of activities.



December 10th. A meeting was held at 9pm in the residence of Mr Charles T Lyon, Birch Ave. In the opinion of the members present it would be for the good of the order to form a lodge in the Beaches section of Toronto.


February 18th a meeting was held at the residence of R.J.W. Barker 24 Balsam Avenue, Balmy Beach, The secretary reported having petitioned Acaria Lodge # 430. To recommend the formation of the proposed lodge. Letter dated February 1st 1905 received from Acacia Lodge, Granting the request if the Lodge will be rated as a country Lodge not having concurrent jurisdiction with Acacia Lodge. The name The Beaches lodge was adopted. 16 known members of the craft signed the application forms for affiliation to the beaches lodge.

The following names for the Lodge were submitted. Strathcona, Victoria, Unity, Equity, Maple Leaf, Mystic, Minerva, Temple, Keystone, Migpah, Omega, Suburban, The Beaches.

February 25thTwenty eight brethren had applied for affiliation and a committee was formed to consider a new Masonic temple, in the interim, Orient Lodge Offered to allow The Beaches Lodge the use of their lodge room for the sum of $15 per month.

It was moved by, W.E Orr seconded by Jno Lowden that the proposed lodge be named The Beaches Lodge,

Also so submitted were the names of Migpah, & Omega, upon a vote the amendment and the sub amendment were declared lost and the original motion carried.

April 15th the new officers formed themselves in to a lodge of Instruction opening and closing in all three degrees.

May 6th the first inaugural meeting of the Beaches lodge was carried out at 9pm in the Orient lodge room, Masonic Temple, Gerrard Street at Bolton Avenue, and of the formation of a lodge under dispensation. The ceremony was performed by D.D.G.M. R Wor Bro J.J. Thompson

May. Initiation fee was set at $30.00 and Yearly dues $5.00

November a Resolution was adopted to change the regular meeting to second Friday of each month

December 4th the first recorded Masonic funeral held by the Beaches Lodge.


May 4th the first ladies night was held at Balmy Beach Canoe Club house cost $2.00 per couple and extra ladies .75 cents a surplus over the cost for this ladies night was $20.00.

July 13th Committee formed to make the necessary arrangements for the laying of the cornerstone of the new Beaches Masonic temple at Queens & Balsam Ave.

December 14. Twelve members of the lodge donated, funds to purchase the lodge room furniture.


January 2nd A special meeting was held at 7 30pm in the Masonic Temple Balsam Ave for the purpose of Dedicating and Consecrating of the new lodge building and for the installation of the officers for 1907

Sunday June 30th The Beaches Lodge held its first Masonic church service, 30 members paraded from the Temple in Masonic regalia to the Presbyterian Church.


April 09th Wor Bro Thompson presented the lodge with a pair of ballot boxes.

May 4th Wor Bro Walker presented the lodge with a Mace or Wand for the director of Ceremonies

June 18th this being the Fourth Anniversary of The Beaches Lodge it was Old Members night,

November 12th The first Annual past Masters Night, Wor Bro N.A. Lyon in the chair.

May 11th The Wor Master & Officers extended an invitation to the wives and sisters of the members. To accompany them to the forth degree at 10 o’clock p.m., May 13th in the Masonic temple to assist in celebrating the lodge’s Fifth Birthday.


May 9th The Wor Master and six other brethren presented to the Lodge several Masonic books to start a Masonic Library, after the lodge was closed brethren admitted their lady friends who presented a book case for the new library

Nov 14th V.Wor Bro Ross presented the lodge with a set of portraits of past masters of the Lodge from 1905 to 1913


May 8th. Reported in the Masonic Sun paper. On Friday evening May 8th The Beaches Lodge, Toronto, in the Masonic Temple, Balsam Avenue and Queen Street East celebrated it’s ninth anniversary, The beaches Lodge is undoubtedly one of the most progressive lodges in Toronto, Nine years ago it was instituted with the charter membership of 35, and to-day it has 225 members on its rolls.

November 13th four of the brethren departed for the front lines in 1914 war

December 29th The Lodge voted to send to each brother serving in the front lines with the First Canadian Expeditionary Contingent a Masonic signet ring


March 12th upon a motion passed in lodge the dues of all brethren at present serving with the Canadian Forces as well any who subsequently join will be remitted until they return.

May 14th this being the tenth anniversary of The Beaches lodge the wives of the members, presented the Lodge with a set of nickel-plated working tools.

December 10th a motion was passed to supply each newly raised candidate with a M.M. apron.


February 25th with permission of Grand Lodge Bro Hyde Bennett was passed to the second degree and raised to the third degree on the same night. He was rejoining his Unit, Bro Bennett was initiated before Joining the First Canadian Expeditionary Contingent and held his rank of a major he was home on sick leave after being wounded.

June 9th the lodge was informed that Major Bennett had been killed in action.


January 12th the first issue of the summons with the Beaches temple shown on the front of the summons,

April 13 with permission of Grand Lodge Bro John Ross Orr a member of Oakville Lodge # 400 was passed to the second degree and raised to the third degree on the same night.

June 8th A Beaches Lodge summons was sent to the Master from Brother H.W.Morris of Argyle Lodge # 65 Montreal a member of the 75th Battalion C.E.F. as follows. Worshipful sir I found this summons in one of the Fritz’s dugouts. Although there are plenty of us out here this is the first summons I have seen, The Beaches lodge sent summons’s to all members serving in the C.E.F. Brother Morris was killed in action August 15th 1917.


June 28th the lodge was opened at 7: 50pm. Three members were initiated in the first degree, Three other members were then examined and passed to the second degree, the same three members were then examined and passed to the 3rd degree the lodge also conducted a general purpose meeting and closed the lodge in all degree’s at 1 20 am.

During the 1914 – 1918 War Twenty one members of The Beaches Lodge gave their Lives. To honor them their names were placed on an Honor Roll located inside the Lodge room.


Regular meetings for September & October 1919 were held in the Acacia Lodge room due to construction on The Beaches Lodge temple.

November 7th M. W. Bro J.W. Harcourt Grand Master accompanied by Six RT. Wor Brothers visited the Lodge. The M.W. was then presented with a coffee set of Six cups and saucers and comport of Crown Derby resting on a mahogany tray.

December 6th.The Lodge had six applications. Awaiting degrees, Nine First. Five second & Eight third. The lodge then conducted two ballots, and conducted Five First degrees, Two-Second degrees and Five Third degrees all in one night.

December 12th the secretary approached the altar in company with R.W. Bro Patton a member of the Lodge for five & half years whose Masonic rank had not previously been known or acknowledged explanation was made and the R.W.Bro was seated in the east.


January 9th Old Masters Night. The W.M Bro Lyon left no stone unturned in an effort to have present every member in the city The fact that there was a larger attendance of members at this meeting than at any other meeting in the history of the lodge was proof of the interest which the W.M. efforts created,

There were fourteen past ruling masters; one is in California for his health. One resides in Winnipeg, the other twelve were present and each had as many of his members present as he could, a total of 103 members attended with the 12 past masters. And 12 charter members attended. The M.W. Bro FW Harcourt who had entered as a member of The Beaches Lodge (1917 life member) invested all the charter members with the order of the Red Rose

June 11th the lodge adopted the recommendation in regard to the schedule of questions to be put to the candidates appearing before the committee for application to The Beaches Lodge

1, have you ever made application for membership in any Masonic Lodge?

2. What is your object in doing so now?

3. Why did you select the Beaches Lodge?

5 How long have you resided in Toronto?

6 In what country were you born?

7 Are you married or single?

8 The Lodge dues are $10.00 per annum payable in advance, if the initiation fee were $100.00 would the paying of such fee and dues embarrass you or anyone depending on you.

9 What religious denomination do you profess?

10 What benefit do you expect to derive from Masonry?

October 8th the M.W. the G.M on behalf of The Beaches & St Aidain’s Lodges presented V.Wor Bro R.J W. Barker. The first Senior Warden and a Past Master of the Beaches Lodge, and ruling Master of St Aidain’s Lodge with a set of Regalia, for the Office of Grand Superintendent of Works, upon his appointment to that office.


April 8th several of the brethren purchased a carpet for the lodge room this was presented by Bro H.J. Wharing

September 9th .Rt Wor .Bro Gus L Gardiner D.D.G.M. Toronto East District No 11A, was received in to his lodge. The Beaches Lodge for the first time as the newly elected representative of the M.W. the G M. RT Wor Bro Gardiner advised he had set aside the second Friday of each month, to enable him to be with his mother lodge, and requested he be admitted as a past master


May 7th special emergency meeting for the funeral of V.W.Bro R.J.Barker. Very W. Bro Barker was one of the founders of The Beaches Lodge, was the first S.W. during the years 1905, 6, 7 and W.M. 1908 he was appointed Grand Superintendent of the works in 1910. It was his initiative that conceived the temple and his tireless work that caused it to be built.

September 8th V.W.Bro S.G. Wharin was presented with a set of regalia on his appointment as Grand Steward.

December 22nd V.W.Bro Horace Hardy passed away. A past master of both Beaches and St Aiden’s Lodges Past Z of The Beaches chapter, Past Grand Sword Bearer of the Grand chapter of Canada, Present Assistant Grand D. of C. in the Grand Lodge of Canada. President of Beaches building Co. The fulfillment of the duties of these many offices speaks volumes for his interest in Masonry and stands as a lasting tribute to his zeal and activity


December 27th the installation of the officers for The Beaches Lodge and St Aiden’s Lodge were conducted at the same time in The Beaches Lodge room. Both Wor Masters elect were installed in the chair of K.S.For the year 1924


April 15th John McPherson Ross The first Master of The Beaches Lodge. And Past Grand Master of Ceremonies of Grand Lodge passed away. Born in Inverness Scotland came to Canada at the age of one year old, a Gifted portrait painter, and added to it the gift of painting and sketching, he was a former Mayor of East Toronto.


June 12th.First Amateur Night held

November 13th. A Letter of unmasonic conduct was received in the lodge, a trial was held in February 1926, the lodge then balloted on the subject and the brother was given the penalty of indefinite suspension.

Sept 10th a letter from Fred Hancox expressing regrets that he had not recovered his health sufficiently to warrant him taking the duties of W.M.

October 8th The W.M. received permission from G.L. to make the necessary appointments that were missed in January this was done.


January 14th Master elect Bro L Woolger was presented with his Masters apron on behalf of members of 50 visiting business associates and members the Bell Telephone Co.

W.M. presented the P.M. Jewel to Wor Bro Nesbitt pointing out that the jewel with an extra bar for his additional year of W.M. was the first time in the lodge history

At 9:45pm an alarm was sounded at the door of the lodge, inquiries found that the G.M. M.Wor Bro Dunlop requested to be admitted. The G.M. then congratulated Bro Hancox on his recovery and the wonderful record he held not only in the lodge but also in his church and service over seas.

The G.M. then congratulated V.Wor Bro Cooles on the excellent work he had done as chairman of the T.M.B.R. and the work in organizing the dept for the unemployed.

February 28th a fire destroyed the Agincourt Masonic Hall the home of Scarborough Lodge, The D.D.G.M. requested all lodges contribute to the rebuilding fund the lodge contributed a sum of money and all members donated to the fund.


January 1st W.Bro Manchester was installed, as the W.M. previous to occupying the Warden’s Chairs he had faithfully served the lodge as Secretary for twenty-seven years


Feb 9th Bro F. Meisner presented the lodge with a new case for the working tools that he had made. Bro Fitzgerald then presented the lodge with New Markers for the V.O.T.S.L.


Jan 24th a motion was passed that the dues of brethren enlisting in H.M. Forces be remitted for the duration of the war or the time they are in H.M. Forces.


Jan 8th W.Bro Harold Orr was presented with the past masters Jewell; this Jewell was the original one presented to his father in 1909

Sept 24th it was recommended that all chairs now occupied by members serving in the forces or overseas be filled with active members, but it must be understood that when the member returns they will be allowed to take there position they held at time of enlistment.


Sept 8th Application received from a father & his two sons’ all were initiated and passed to M.M. Degree during the year.

Nov 10th D.D.G.M. RT Wor Bro Manchester was welcomed in lodge, he being the first member of the Beaches lodge to be elected to the office of D.D.G.M.

Dec 8th the committee appointed to purchase the P.M. Jewell reported that Jewel’s could not be purchased for the duration, It was moved that $75 by placed in reserve, until such time that the P.M. Jewell could be purchased.


Mar 9th R.Wor Bro Manchester on his official visit made note that it was the first time a member of the Beaches lodge as D.D.G.M. had inspected the lodge

Nov 9th V.Wor Bro Woolger was invested as Grand Steward

Dec 14th The W.M. Presented the Lodge with a Heavy setting maul. & Gavel made of stone from King Solomon’s quarry. They had been presented to the W.M. By Mr J Stanley son of Brother Stanley a former member of the lodge, the items were purchased in Egypt.


Mar 22nd Motion passed that the lodge will present a Bible to all candidates. This tradition is still carried on to date


Sep 12th the first black ball for a candidate since the lodge was formed.


Jun 14th. Four candidates were passed to the fellow craft degree


Jan 12th. Wor Bro C.H. Smart installed his son Bro H.H. Smart in the Wor Masters chair


Feb 12th A Father and his two Sons were initiated in to the first degree in Masonry.


Nov 11th this meeting was the celebration of the 50th year of the founding of The Beaches Lodge.

Grand Lodge regalia, dress and undress were presented to V.Wor Bro W.H. Orr. His father was a charter Member of the Beaches Lodge.


March 9th The D.D.G.M. presented Bro J.F. Ross with his 50 year medal remarking on the fact that Bro Ross’s father was the first Wor Master of The Beaches Lodge and that Bro Ross was one of the first group of candidates initiated in the Lodge.


Jan 11th Wor Bro J.A. Finlay presented with his 50-year jewel

April 12th a motion was passed to change the regular meetings from Friday to Thursday effective January 1st 1958

Oct 11th V. Wor Bro G.E. Dodd was presented with his Grand Stewards Regalia


May 9th Bro Fred Mill the Lodge secretary was elected and invested as the Grand Superintendent Royal Arch Masons of Toronto Dist #8

May 23rd. The lodge discussed proposed Temple for the Eastern Part of Toronto; there are five other lodges interested in the proposal.


April 10th Bro Nevin the Tyler of the lodge was presented with his 50 year Jubilee medal he was also celebrating his 50th year of married life.


March 26th a discussion on the Temple finances, and The Beaches Building Co. resulted in a decision to have appraisals of the building made and then decide what would be necessary to carry on or to dispose of the building

Nov 11th Bro Restall was presented with his 50-year medal, it was announced that Bro Holden a member for 53 years had passed away.


March 10th, Bro Ross who was intitated in 1905 and is number one on the membership list and was the first candidate of the lodge. Was presented to the members he is now 81 years of age.

March 24thA Letter received from the board building a New Temple in Scarborough requesting The Beaches Lodge to become a member of the Temple, V.Wor Bro L Woolger to attend at meeting,

April 28th The Lodge was advised that the Balsam Ave Temple was up for sale and the lodge would have to vacate the temple.

May 26th a presentation was made to the Lodge, from the New Scarborough Temple Board, the Temple. Lodge room will seat 225 and the banquet room 400 and the parking lot 150 cars, the sum of $7500.00 from each lodge will allow representation of a director on the Board rental rates had not been set at this time.

September 8th Beaches Building Co advised all tenants the building was listed for sale and all leases were terminated as of September 30th 1961 and from that date all tenants would be on a monthly basis.

October 17th a special, meeting was called. To discuss the future of the lodge, and were to hold the meetings.

October 27th. The Master confirmed, that the lodge rental in the New Scarborough Temple would be $400.00 per annum plus $2.00 per in town member and a subscription of $7500.00 for a seat on the board and the only available nights would be the second and fourth Tuesdays and Thursdays each month


January 19th at a special meeting it was confirmed that the lodge would move to the New Scarborough Temple on the dates and rental agreement as discussed on the October 27th 1961 meeting.

April 23rd Letter to Secretary Scarborough Temple Board, confirming Beaches Lodge application for a directorship and Tenancy in the Scarborough Masonic Temple as follows.

The Beaches Lodge A.F. & A.M. No 473 G.R.C. Will become tenants in the subject building effective September 1962 and agree to the terms and conditions previously submitted to and approved by the Lodge that they will,

(a) Obtain a directorship in the Scarborough Masonic Temple Corporation. By agreeing to purchase a minimum of 150 debentures in said corporation, at a value of $50.00 per debenture, or a total subscription of $7,500.00. Over a period of 5 years with a further 5 years to complete the purchase if required.

(b) pay the above subscription ($7500.00 ) in full as if and when funds become available from their equity in the proceeds of any sale of the Balisam Ave, Temple,

(c) Institute a campaign amongst Lodge members to expedite the purchase of the above subscription of debentures,

(d) Pay an annual rental in advance at the rate of $400.00 plus $2.00per residential member, the First year’s rental to be paid in September 1962.

(e) It is our understanding that the above arrangements will entitle the Beaches Lodge to the following accommodations,

Use of Lodge room, Committee room, and banquet facilities on the First and Third Thursdays of each month,

Exclusive use for the duration of our directorship – tenancy of a storage cupboard for regalia.

Use of all Temple facilities, furniture, musical instruments and such other privileges as may from time to time become available for the common use of tenants.

May 11th This was the last, lodge meeting to be held in Balsam Ave Temple, The first one being held on Thursday December 27h 1906. The consecration & Dedication ceremony being held on January 2nd 1907, At the conclusion of the ceremonies, the lodge proceeded with the installation of officers for the year 1907, the lodge was closed in harmony at 11 55p.m. (1907 the lodge had 72 members)

September 20th, this was the first meeting of The Beaches Lodge in the Scarborough Temple.

The Wor Master announced that the Sale of the Balsam Temple had now been completed

October 4th a notice of motion presented to change the bylaws for the place of meeting from 53 Balsam Ave to the Scarborough Temple, Ellesmere Ave at Markham Road and the regular meeting from the second Friday to the first Thursday of the month and the emergent night the 3rd Thursday of the month carried unanimously.

December 6th Bro Bert Jones, Bro J.L.Price & Bro E.S. Price were presented with 50 year Jewels by Bro S.J. Price the senior warden and son of Bro J.L.Price & Nephew of Bro E.S. Price.


October 3rd, Reception to RT Wor Bro W.H. Morton D.D.G.M. Toronto District 3


October 1st Reception for V.Wor Bro Fred McCarthy appointed Grand Steward.

November 5th. Past Masters Night. 22 Past Masters were present. V.Wor Bro L.A.Woolger presented the Lodge with an Album containing Photographs of the Masters of the lodge which were original framed and displayed on the Lodge room in the balsam Ave temple. That night 7 applications were received, the ballot passed on 3 others and a 1st degree performed.


January 7th Lodge visited by Most Wor Bro Cannon George Thompson P.G.M. of the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia with the D.D.G.M. Toronto Dist 3 & 4 and the Grand Steward & Grand Sward Bearer.

January 21st. V.Wor Bro. L.A. Woolger. Presented his final Annual report as treasure of the lodge he retired from that position after 25 years was present with a clock for his service to the Lodge. And illuminated Life Membership Certificate.

February 4th V.Wor Bro H.H. Smart presents the lodge with a Silver plate to be used in the N, E. angle

November 4th 60th Anniversary of the Beaches Lodge The Beaches Building Co presented a New Canadian Flag and Alter Cloth to the lodge after which both were Consecration by Bro Rev T Rex Norman B.A. B.D. District Chaplain Toronto District 3. A memorial service was held for the deceased members. Bro John Ross, the second candidate to be initiated in the lodge on June 10th 1905, was presented with his 60 years lapel pin. And W.Bro John Fidler with his 50 years lapel pin, Bro Ross was close to 90 years and Bro Fidler over 80 years both are active and in good health, the Banquet hours was addressed by RT Wor Bro Donald M Fleming Q.C. P.C. board of General Purposes.


November 3rd Bro Chas. Vint presented with 50 years lapel pin.

December 1st V.Wor Bro L.A. Woolger presents the Lodge with a new Tracing Board


April 20th the Beaches Chapter R.A.M. was absorbed into King Solomon’s Chapter R.A.M.


February 1st The Beaches Lodge sponsored Masonic Education night 170 masons attended with 135 sitting down at the banquet table

November 7th Bro Edgar Hayden presented with a 50 years a Mason pin.


February 6th Bro W Nevin presented with a 60 years a Mason pin


January 8th Bro Arnold was installed as Wor Master his father traveled 1500 miles to be at the installation

February 11th an emergent meeting was called for a Masonic Funeral for Wor Bro John Mossman Finlay our oldest member Initiated December 1905 Wor Master 1914 passed to Grand .Lodge above Feb 10th


May 7th Bro Nesbitt presented with a 50 years pin, and a special tribute to Wor Bro F.F. Mills for his outstanding contributions to masonry, presented with a life Membership scroll, gifts were presented from 1962 S.W. The lodge and the Past Masters.

September 3rd V.Wor Bro Hubert H Smart was received for the fist time in Lodge. As Grand Steward .Grand Honors, were given to the deserving brother, and member of the lodge

October 1st V Wor Bro Les Woolger presented with 50-year pin.

November 5th Special past Masters Night, with Grand Lodge Regalia being presented to V.Wor Bro H.H. Smart.


October 5th the Lodge welcomed for the first time in his own lodge D.D.G.M. RT Wor Bro Charles Hill and District secretary Wor Bro John Hogg.


March 1st Bro M Samara presented to the lodge a junior wardens Gavel made from Olive wood together with other Masonic ornaments made from stone mined in the valley of King Solomon, in Israel.

October 4th Presentations were made to V Wor Bro John Hogg, Grand Steward. Of his grand Lodge Regalia. Rt Wor Bro Charles Hill was presented with his cuffs of the year.


February 6th Bro Stanley French presented with his 50-year pin.

April 3rd Wor Bro T Horner moved that V.Wor Bro H.H. Smart be made an Honorary Member for his outstanding service to the craft and The Beaches Lodge in particular, carried unanimously


November 4th V.Wor Bro William Edwards was elected an Honorary Member of the Beaches Lodge


October 4th A Visiting Degree team of King Solomon’s Chapter R.A.M. headed by W Bro Jack Wickens and distinguished visitors headed by RT .Wor Bro F Bruce P.D.D.G.M. District 3 and member of the Board. Rt Wor Bro Carl MacFold P.D.D.G.M. Prince Edward district Bellville confirmed a second degree on Bro Robert Miles Jr. whose father is a past Master of the lodge

November 1st Ballot passed on Mr Howarth and his three Sons. Declared in favor of the applicants.

December 6th motion during the 75th anniversary year the lodge remitted dues of all members age 70 and over is remitted carried.


January 3rd Bro Joseph Park installed as Wor Master, With the installation of Wor Bro Joe Park we now have three Brothers who are Masters and Past Masters of the Lodge.

March 20th Lodge opened at 6 10 PM. Mr Howarth and his three sons’ were several initiated into Masonry lodge closed at 10.23 PM.


February 1st. This being a special night for V.W.Bro H Smart. On his 60th anniversary of being a mason in attendance RT.Wor Bro Terry Shand. D.D.G.M of Toronto District 3. P.G…M Most Wor Bro. W.K Bailey. & P.G.M. Most Wor. Bro Jack Arthur. V.Wor Bro J Louis Assistant Grand D.of C., Wor .Bro B Thompson. District Secretary.


October 3rd Most Wor Bro George Carroll, Past Grand Master of the Grand lodge of Nova Scotia visited the lodge.


October 1st Brethren of the Beaches Lodge and Richardson Lodge conducted a second degree on Bro Thomas Lonergan of Richardson Lodge

November 4th The Beaches Building Co, charter was ended and all monies transferred to The Beaches Lodge and placed in to The Beaches Centennial Fund for expenses incurred by the Beaches Lodge 100 anniversary.


September 2nd V. Wor Bro Tom Park Grand Junior Steward was presented with his Grand Lodge Regalia. This had previously belonged to V.Wor Bro Les Woolgar. R. Wor Bro Charles Hill presented V.Wor Bro Park with a Haggis.

December 2nd Special visitor from New Brunswick were Wor Bro John Murray and R.W. Bro John Williams of Zetland Lodge # 28 of New Brunswick. They presented Wor Bro William Dixon with his 50 year Masonic pin from his mother Lodge

December 30th R.W.Bro Charles Hill passed to the grand lodge above after a long illness a Masonic service was held.


September 15th the Lodge gave up its emergent nights, to St John’s Lodge who had no place to meet since the Young Street Temple had closed down.

October 6th Wor Bro Joseph Noel of the Grand Lodge of India, who was visiting the lodge, gave a detailed explanation of the different books of worship used in his country. Rt Wor Bro William Sanders gave a lecture on the Mentors Program.


May 4thP.G.M. The Most Wor Bro C. Edwin Drew, D.D.G,M. RT .Wor Bro Michael H Wooley. Toronto District 3 and other Grand Lodge Officers attended the installation of Bro George Fisher


June 4th Bro Gordon Ireland was presented with his 50-year pin

Nov 5th in place of the traditional past masters nigh the Lodge held a reception for V/W/Bro Harry Turner who had been appointed to the position of Grand Senior Deacon. Unfortunately V W Brother Harry Turner was taken ill just before the commencement and had to be taken to Hospital by ambulance. The decision to continue with the reception was made M/W/Bro William T Anderson. Past Grand Master M/W/Bro C. Edwin Drew was in attendance. And spoke on masonry in general and V/W/Bro Harry Turner after the lodge was closed a banquet was held for the large number of visitors.

April 1st V/W/Bro Harry D Turner was final presented with his Grand Lodge Regalia. After recovering from his illness Deputy Grand Master R/W/Bro McGibbon and R/W/Bro Barry Hutton D.D.G.M. Toronto Dist 3 were in attendance.


Nov 4th the Deputy Grand Master R/W/Bro Terry Shand attended to present the 70 year pin to V/W/Bro Hubert Smart and 50 year Pin to Bro Ross Monroe of Doric Pickering. The Lodge had been closed before the presentation so that family & friends could be present.

2000 to 2004

During the year 2002 to 2004 due to a shortage of candidates, the Masters chair was filled with past masters W.B Donald Shipley and W.B Carl Ommert for an extra 2 years each. The S.W & J W chairs, were filled by W.B.William Hutz & W.B. Brian P McDonald


April 4th A Special Tribute to W.Bro T.V. Horner. Master in 1975 upon being made grand Director of Ceremonies for Grand Lodge. Present were Grand Master the M Wor Terrance Shand P.G.M. M.W. C. Edwin Drew. Five Ruling D.D.G.M.’s Four R.Wor Brothers, Elected & Appointed Grand Lodge Officers. Eleven R.Wor Brothers Members of the Board of General Purposes, Five V.W.Brothers Appointed Grand Lodge Officers, Two V.W. Brothers Grand Stewards. Family & Friends attended.


July 17th Wor Bro Al Dvorak was elected D.D.G.M. Toronto 3 at the Grand Lodge meeting at the Royal York Hotel by Past Master, Masters and Wardens of Toronto District 3. For the year, 2002-2003. District Secretary. Wor Bro. Alan McDonald.

September 5th RT Wor Bro Al Dvorak was received in The Beaches Lodge for the first time as D.D.G.M. Toronto District 3.in attendance were 17 Grand Lodge officers 95 Visitors & 37 ladies


Jan 2nd a Masonic Memorial service for V/W/Bro Hubert H Smart who passed away on December 26th 2002, born in 1908 initiated in 1992 Master in 1951 V/Wor in 1970 Life member in 1975

March 6th RT Wor Bro Al Dvorak was received in lodge on the official inspection in attendance were 10 grand Lodge officers and 90 visitors

April 3rd a second degree was conducted by The Right Worshipful’s of Toronto District 3 and 4 the candidate was Bro Norman Wilson of Georgina Lodge

September 4th a reception was held for V Wor Bro Alan McDonald in Honor of his appointment to Grand Lodge he was piped into the lodge room under the wands accompanied by D.D.G.M. RT Wor Bro Desmond. M Tutin on his first visit to the lodge with 2 other members of the board. The visitors and family members were also piped in to the lodge room. V.Wor Bro Alan Macdonald was presented with his Grand Lodge Regalia, which had previously belonged to V.Wor Bro H.H. Smart.

The above which I trust, are interesting, Many entries in those ancient volumes were beautiful scribed, In bringing to light just a few early records it would appear that in a span of one hundred years although the way of life has materially changed and is changing, yet the fundamentals, Aims, and Objects of freemasonry remain.


In this brief account of The Beaches Lodge, we can look back with justifiable pride. Survey the present with some satisfaction, and look forward to the future with confidence, and hope that we, and those who come after us, will fully maintain, pure and unsullied the Principles and Tenets of the Craft.


The compiling of these brief Historical High lights of the Lodge has been a most interesting assignment and a privilege to have access to those old volumes, of the early minute Books, and to extract a few items that I hope you will find interesting

Worshipful Brother Philip A Hickling

Chairman Centennial Committee

The Beaches Lodge



We understand, like you, our time is limited and precious, that we must balance the demands on our time, and in this manner we are committed to development of the human mind.


There is an appreciation for creativity in the Craft, especially found within lessons dedicated to the seven liberal arts, and an ability to appease the wandering spirit and curious souls among us.


In order to build anything, and to successfully achieve improvement in the process, there is a recognition of the necessity of change and of transformation upon a solid foundation.


There is a timelessness in the words and phrases used in the lessons taught on the floor of a Freemason’s lodge, which have been passed down to worthy men for a very long time.