World War One and A Few Important People

One hundred years ago, our soldiers arriving on the Western Front in 1915 were serving under Field Marshall Douglas Haig, a freemason. Although biographers typically vilify his name, mainly because of the two million casualties suffered under his leadership, ultimately it was Haig’s ability to enable his front-line generals to adopt new tactics and technologies […]

The Beaches Lodge in 1905

The Beaches Lodge in 1905

The Beaches Lodge, as we all know, was formed in 1905 but did not move into its original temple located at Queen and Balsam until 1907. After likely much discussion and several meetings, and with 28 Masons applying for affiliation, it is recorded that in May 1905 The Beaches Lodge inaugural meeting was actually held […]

Our Flag, The Leafs and the 48th

by WBro Graeme Boyce In the spirit and tradition of remembrance, lest we forget, I was reminded this month of a story about our flag, and the courage of a few virtuous men. Faithfully, Canadians are reminded in November to recall the past, of previous battles, vain and critical, struggles both lost and won, of […]